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NZFOCUS was established by New Zealand Trade Enterprise (NZTE), the New Zealand Government's Economic Development Agency in 2006 at the heart of Hennessey Road, Hong Kong. Originally designed to showcase premium imported food and beverages from New Zealand to consumers in Hong Kong SAR the operations have been commercialised by agreement with NZTE and today have offices in Auckland, Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shanghai, China.

NZFOCUS is a registered New Zealand Dairy Exporter and member of the New Zealand UMF Honey Association. As a registered dairy importer, NZFOCUS handles all export and import processes; while ensuring all China Inspection and Quarantine (CIQ) and custom clearance procedures are strictly followed.

The products we offer are currently sold in New Zealand, China, Hong Kong and Macau. Fully registered operations in these countries allow NZFOCUS to deliver products from the producer directly to the consumer. We work closely with key supply chains, supermarkets and pharmacy channels in the market; along with TV infomercial and ecommerce platforms such as TMALL and YHD. You can purchase our products at newzealandfocus.tmall.com, shop.yhd.com or nzfocus.com; being assured you are purchasing from the original New Zealand exporter.